About Us

Mandate: Make healthy and affordable food more accessible at Brock

  • Save Students Money
  • Easier and Healthier Food
  • Student Food Initiatives
  • Helping Students Fundraise
  • Food Everywhere


The Foods We Focus On

  • Quick and convenient
  • Healthy, whole foods.
  • In-season, local, environmentally friendly
  • Ethically sourced
  • Food groups and types of food not as available at other at Brock
  • Universally edible (i.e we shy away from gluten because many people are allergic)
  • Low-risk (non-hazardous as defined by health and safety guidelines)
  • Low-cost and scalable (i.e. no $50/lb pine nuts in the pesto, when we can use sunflower seeds instead)


Good Food is at the Heart of Fed Up

The Affordable Food Project was founded to help students eat well. We can’t emphasize how important food is. Food maintains life. It supports growth. Food can make a hard day easier, it can de-stress you and give you the energy you need. Good food can make you smile.



Fed Up The Affordable Food Project grew out of a wave of student outrage at food cost increases back in 2011 and has since incorporated as a student run not-for-profit to bring a host of new food services to Brock students.

Our Staff

Alysha-Lynn Kooter – AlyshaLynn@YourBrock.org

Cera Frederiksen – Chef@FeedBrock.org


Fed Up The Affordable Food Project is a volunteer run project supported by staff. Open job postings can be found at FeedBrock.org/Jobs. We are always hiring and encourage interested applicants to send us their resumes at Hiring@FeedBrock.org. We encourage candid applications, show us what makes you amazing and unique.


Suggested Etiquette for Applications –

  • Name the file well, include:  your name, position title, date
  • Submit your application in one pdf file to make printing easier
  • The email you send should include your name and contact at the bottom
  • Your application should include: Cover Letter, Resume, Three references, and any additional materials that could help demonstrate you would be a good fit

2014-2015 in Morsels

  • We shared thousands of pounds of food with students
  • Arranged food for dozens of Events/Meetings (Including Young Women’s Night, December 6th Memorial, Anti-Racism Event)
  • Supported a fundraisers (including one of Niagara Action for Animals and a downtown therapy garden)
  • We received our first round of funding
  • We leased a kitchen
  • We hired our first staff


2013-2014 in Morsels



Our Inspirations