Helping Student Groups Arrange Food


Money for food is is a common expense for student groups at Brock. Most events are made better with food. Student film screenings are better with pop corn, all night LAN-Parties are better with munchies, events with alcohol are better followed by a banana, the Mid-Autumn Festival put on by The Chinese Student Association is better with moon cake, and who can deny that the bi-weekly meeting of Cat Lovers Against the Bomb is always better with catnip.

Bulk buying clubs to save money..

Sometime buying from on-campus locations like Guernsey Market and The General Brock isn’t possible and the local grocery store is either too expensive or inconvenient. We want to help student groups save money by facilitating buying clubs where bulk orders of special or ordinary foods are placed and then we organize sourcing from the cheapest location and have it delivered to campus. 
We’ve helped a handful of student groups do this including Brock Fair Trade who ordered 100+ pounds of fair trade chocolate, OPIRG-Brock who needed 1000+ bananas for bananagrams, Brock Eco who are handing out gallons of organic hot-chocolate, and we’re looking to help more, whether it’s Cliff Bars for the Brock Extreme Hide and Go Seek Club, meal supplements for the Brock Body Builders, vegan cheese cake for the vegetarian club, or a metric ton of edamame for the up and coming Bean Aficionados of the Greater Mackenzie Chown Block.

We help students get food for their meetings and events…

We can help with all aspects of arranging food for student group meetings and events. We’re excited to help feed the Brock spirit of student engagement. Leave a comment or tweet us @FeedBrock if you’re interested in the services or have any thoughts. 

Helping student groups follow health and safety regulations…

We will maintain a certified kitchen and have staff trained in adhering to health and safety regulations. It is our top priority to make sure that all food that is distributed follows the rules around food production and distribution set out by Niagara Public Health.

Helping students fundraise…

Selling food is one of the most popular ways for student groups to fundraise and we want to help them do it more easily and increase their return. We help students arrange food at the lowest cost possible and will also be accepting requests for free or subsidized food to further empower their fundraising efforts.

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