Food Outreach Coordinator Job(s)

Fed Up The Affordable Food Project is hiring Food Outreach Coordinators. They will be responsible for preparing food and developing a menu for Fed Up The Affordable Food Project and its initiatives to contribute to the overall aim of building community, saving students money, and improving the food system.

Fed Up approaches food distribution as a social justice issue. As a non-profit, we work to provide students with healthy and affordable food. We also work to support other social justice initiatives at Brock and in St. Catharines.

Core Job Responsibilities

  • Food preparation
  • Kitchen clean-up
  • Developing and testing a menu
  • Food sourcing


Required Experience and Qualifications

  • Preparation of vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, and healthy food
  • Ambition and creativity
  • Eagerness to help


Additional Helpful Experience

  • Content marketing
  • Public outreach
  • Participation in food-based initiatives and programming


Examples of things you might be cooking

  • Fruit salad for 500 hungry students on Wellness Wednesday
  • Healthy snacks for 1000 to hand out during exams
  • 400 vegan cupcakes for a fundraiser for a local animal shelter
  • Vegetable curry for 300 at a rally to end violence against women


Job Details and Contract

  • Part-time 5-15hr/week or Full-time 30-35hr/week
  • 4-month Contract (with possibility of renewal)

We can’t promise you a high paying job, but we can promise that your work with us will make the world a better place. Fostering a sense of community and striving to prove fulfilling employment and a happy work environment is incredibly important to us.


Application Process

  • Open application – will be closed once position(s) filled.
  • To apply fill out the application below.
  • Send questions to
  • Optional – Submit supplemental material to